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Flare Telecom is an independent Telecoms Consultancy, offering advice and unrivalled expertise in all areas of fixed and mobile telecoms to business customers within the UK.

Flare Telecom specialise in what is considered to be the most complicated area, Mobile Voice and Data.  Mobile Services continue to account for a large proportion of many customers Telecom budgets and an area that most would admit they do not fully understand how best to control.

Through a comprehensive range of consultancy services, Flare Telecom can add considerable value to your business in this important area.

The founder of Flare Telecom has in excess of 27 years in the mobile industry. 15 years working in Senior Leadership roles signing off commercials for Corporate customers within one of the largest Network Operators in the world. This knowledge and considerable experience is unique and means that by employing Flare Telecom, you can be guaranteed of achieving the best possible contract terms than you could hope to achieve on your own.

Our experience

Mobile Industry – 27 years
B2B Sales – 30 years
Contract Negotiation – 25 years
Project Management – 15 years

Our services

Telecoms Life Cycle Management

This is the method by which you measure, monitor and maintain visibility within your organisation for your telecoms expenditure. It is more than just a way to keep your costs down and includes operations, policies, processes and tools. It aligns your key business requirements with your wider communication strategy.

Telecom Expense Management

Very few customers have the resource, expertise or experience to fully understand and exploit the data available on your mobile services. For many it is simply overwhelming, which means the type of standard reports available from Networks on-line portals are rarely downloaded. Analysing and recognising trends in regular summarised reporting together with suggested actions can really help ensure you maximise the savings available to you.

Mobile & Fixed Consultancy

Organisations are under increasing pressure to make immediate quick savings, with multiple vendors, complex contracts and poor inventory management, this can be very difficult to achieve. Employing an expert consultant with many years of experience can achieve fast results.

Global Mobile Contract Negotiation

Many companies would like to consolidate their mobiles across the various countries within which they operate yet struggle to get the Networks to take an interest in them globally. This is usually due to them simply not having enough mobiles to warrant the support in the individual countries, yet they know they could be making savings but just do not know where to start. It is possible to leverage savings, it is just about having the knowledge and experience to commence such a review.

Our specialisation

At Flare Telecom we have experience of fixed but our absolute specialty is mobile, with a considerable number of years’ experience sitting on the other side of the table negotiating large telecoms contracts for major networks. Through this experience we have gained the insight required to understand the inherent value contained within the contracts. Whilst we passionately believe in negotiating the best pence per minute rates for our clients, we are unique in the fact that we have first hand knowledge of how clauses within telecoms contracts can massively impact the total cost of ownership.

Who We Work With

Flare Telecom offer a Telecom Consultancy Service aimed at medium to large organisations and have already worked for a wide range of companies in a multitude of business sectors. Flare Telecom also has experience with the Public Sector PSN Frameworks, so services and experience are not limited to Enterprise Customers.

We have a service that will add value to your business at whatever stage you are within the lifecycle of your mobile contract. We have already undertaken a wide range of consultancy services and projects and have some interesting case studies for your information.

Please contact me to arrange an initial consultation to discuss how Flare Telecom can help your business.

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