One of the biggest concerns for most organisations is around controlling their mobile costs, particularly around their data. With the growing trend of BYOD within Enterprise which enables employees to use their own personal devices for business and the increasing use of smartphone and tablet devices within businesses, the ability to manage your personal and business life on one device has never been easier.

This flexibility and the fact that so much of what we do in our personal lives now can be managed via the internet means that once a user has a smartphone, they instinctively start to do more and more while on the move, which for their company means higher data usage.

Only this week there was an article in the news talking about how most employees now work considerably longer hours than they are contracted to do. This means that in order to manage their work life balance, they will do more on the move, using their smartphone. This is great for the revenues for the mobile operators but not for your company’s mobile bill!

I have recently completed a Mobile RFP for an organisation who has a fleet of engineers across the UK and recently their mobile broadband usage has shot up and created a number of bill shocks. Could that be due to the World Cup? I wouldn’t like to speculate. But with the increasing speeds becoming available on 4G with the networks across the UK, it makes mobile devices more viable to access many data hungry applications. There still seems to be quite a bit of education required within organisations to ensure that employees realise the costs involved with using such applications.

There are many MDM (Mobile Device Management) solutions available on the market to support from a data security and device management perspective and each has valuable benefits to offer organisations, depending on their specific requirements. However, I have only come across one so far that has a module available to allow companies to set alerts,  white and black lists for internet sites, social media and even specific telephone numbers. This means you can now set parameters in place to control usage BEFORE you receive a huge bill. This doesn’t have to mean that companies take a draconian approach to what their users can access via their smartphones, but it does mean they can be alerted if users are approaching their data bundle limits. This gives you the option of increasing the data bundle to avoid expensive out of bundle pricing or simply talk to the user to understand why their usage is so high, which in itself can reduce costs. Very valuable solution indeed.

As a specialist Mobile Telecom Consultant with 25 years experience in the industry, this is one of the ways I can advise you and add value to your business.


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