What is the Baseline Audit?

A Baseline Audit  will give a fast yet comprehensive insight of existing Telecom spend and inventory that can then be used to provide accurate data for RFP (Request for Proposal)  processes or to correctly support ROI (return on Investment) assumptions for new technology transformations

The Service
A Baseline audit is a ‘snap shop’ analysis formed from the customers current billing data that provides a comprehensive insight into the current spend.

The audit will provide trend history of spend and breakdown spend according to customer requirements e.g. Cost Centre, Business Unit, Device type, spend by Vendor.

The Benefit to your business
Your business will receive a clear and concise profile of its mobile spend that can be used internally for a wide range of uses such as:-

  • RFI (Request for Information)/RFP (Request for Proposal) processes and subsequent migrations/ports from one Vendor to another
  • Consolidation of spend
  • Mid-term contract negotiations / Benchmarking data
  • Building an accurate business case for technology transformation or refresh
  • Comparison of rates between vendors

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