Have you an offer on the table from your existing supplier to renew? Busy and no time to go to market? Or perhaps you have moved networks before and not had a great experience so no real intention of moving networks?

How can you be sure the offer you have on the table is competitive?

You want some reassurance that it is competitive but you can not face the hounding from mobile providers if you were to contact them to ask for a proposal?

Or perhaps you haven’t got the time to do this as you know that you will not get a proposal without a series of meetings which you are weighing up as you have a number of other projects on the go and not enough time to do this.

This is where the Benchmark Service from Flare Telecom can deliver the reassurance you need quickly.

It is chargeable as a fixed fee service. As Flare Telecom are regularly running full RFP’s on behalf of customers for their fixed and mobile requirements, our knowledge of tariffs available in the market are very current.

Carrying out a Benchmark is not just about comparing tariffs, which is more difficult than it seems, since providers never actually offer a like for like tariff, so this is where indepth knowledge is essential to make a correct and meaningful assessment.

It is also about understanding the granular level of detail around your user profiles and historical usage. You will be surprised how many providers put a new contract on the table for their customers to sign up to without any prior analysis to demonstrate that it will

(a) make them any savings

(b) suit the profile of their users.

The Benchmark Service from Flare Telecom will compare the existing tariff to the newly proposed tariff firstly from a suitability to your profile point of view and then compare this to what would be available from an alternative provider. These two factors then form the basis of the benchmark, which is provided with advice and suggested next steps to achieve the best contract terms for your business. At this point you can decide whether to accept the offer or negotiate further within informed knowledge as to what you could expect to achieve. You also have the option at this point of employing Flare Telecom to negotiate the best contract terms with your existing provider at an additional negotiated fee.

With 26 years experience within the mobile industry, 16 of those working directly for Vodafone, negotiating corporate contracts from a networks perspective, I have both the experience and in-depth granular knowledge required to provide an outstanding service for your business, which will deliver the confidence you need quickly.

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