What is the Benchmarking Service?

Benchmarking is the process of assessing current telecoms tariffs and comparing with those available in the market place at the point of assessment.

The Service
Benchmarking is a short term engagement which provides insight into your telecom contracts compared with what is available in the market place now, using up to date knowledge of competitive data. It can be carried out at several points within the life cycle of your existing contract.

Mid Contract to check the competitiveness of your existing contract and see how it is tracking with current commercials available; at the end of your existing contract to assess whether it is worthwhile entering an RFP process to renegotiate a new contract or; to assess existing suppliers’ renewal proposals to ensure they are as competitive as possible prior to renewal.

The Benefit to your business
Technology, terms and rates within the Telecom market are highly changeable.

Effective benchmarking enables you to set realistic targets for contract negotiations which represents achievable, competitive marketplace rates. The benefits of employing Flare Telecom are twofold.

Firstly you will be engaging a Telecoms expert with 26 years who is involved in negotiating Telecom contracts on a day to day basis and not every two or three years.

Secondly, Flare Telecom is confident that with its deep and wide access to industry data they can negotiate rates and T&Cs that will be more advantageous to the customer than terms they could negotiate on a standalone basis.

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