What is the BYOD / CYOD Service?
BYOD is the practice of allowing the employees of an organisation to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices to handle company data. BYOD has become quite popular as companies have realised the cost savings of allowing employees to use personal devices for work.

In contrast, a CYOD approach requires employees to choose from a limited range of devices. For example, a company may allow employees to use Windows devices, iPhones or other Apple devices – but not Androids. A company also may limit device usage to work activities.

A CYOD approach provides other security options for companies with concerns about potential BYOD ramifications. Because of different issues related to multi-use devices, securing BYOD systems can be difficult. This is a key reason why CYOD is receiving so much attention in today’s business world.

The Service

Flare Telecom can review and recommend the best solution for your business, if BYOD or CYOD is a consideration you wish to explore.

The Benefit to your business
As the demand for tablets on enterprise wireless networks continues to accelerate, businesses are being faced with increasing pressure to allow BYOD on their secure wireless network. Many companies have already embraced BYOD.

If you haven’t already implemented a BYOD programme, Flare Telecom can review this for you and put forward the benefits vs risks to help you make an informed decision as to whether you opt for BYOD or CYOD.

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