What is In-Life Contract Monitoring?
This service is an ongoing managed service which reviews and tracks your mobile expenditure on a monthly basis. It is an invaluable and very affordable service as it delivers relevant tailored “watch-out” reports.

Companies always plan to review their expenditure but rarely do more than a quick scan of their summary bill each month. This is due to the enormity of the data that is available on the Networks On-Line Portals and the lack of time and knowledge to assemble this data into something meaningful.

The Service

A monthly management reporting pack that monitors the spend of your Mobile Estate against the contract obligations and tracks spend against your internal budgets. This service will also suggest corrective actions where spend is high or outside of internal policies.

The Benefit to your business
An independent Mobile Expert with 26 years’ experience will ensure that the savings and benefits that you have contracted to with the Mobile Network are delivered throughout the contract life and save you internal administration resource.

Many contracts are unfortunately implemented incorrectly which can amount to unnecessary and often unnoticed additional charges. Users going over their data bundles is also a common occurrence which can be resolved if reviewed and managed on a regular basis, especially at a time when data usage per user is increasing considerably as users are issued with feature rich smartphones enabling users to do so much more on their mobile device.

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