After carrying out a number of Mobile Audits for different customers over the last 18 months, one of the biggest challenges for customers is keeping their mobile inventory up to dateYou may be shocked to know that you could be spending up to 30% more than you need to on your monthly bills, just by not understanding where all your devices are.

Many companies lack the internal processes and central control to ensure that they keep up to date with which user has which device. In all the organisations for whom I audited, devices with no usage was a reoccurring quick win.

Most customers had between 10 & 20% of their devices for which they were paying monthly charges but no one was using them.

The larger the company the larger the problem and the more money that was being spent unnecessarily.

With today’s business environment of longer working hours and a growing workload for most employees, basic mobile inventory management is way down their list of priorities and therefore gets over looked. This is often down to disparate department and cost centre structures, administered by busy staff who scan their section of the bill to ensure the costs are there or thereabouts what they usually are and then pass them for payment. There are many other areas of overspend within the average company’s mobile bill too which a Flare Telecom audit can pick up. This is the benefit of employing a mobile expert to highlight areas for immediate saving opportunity.

It is not just unused devices that causes a problem for companies, most companies would agree that their billing is the biggest challenge when managing their mobile account.

Users change cost centres, swap devices and even leave the business totally without billing records being updated.

This results in incorrect billing which often spirals and creates piles of invoices under query and growing debt on their account, which is very timely to reconcile. Unfortunately most providers simply do not offer the kind of proactive account management that customers expect and need, and so the problem grows. When changes are reported, they are often several months behind the action which again creates billing issues internally which somehow it seems impossible to catch up.

If you think you may be in this situation, a really quick and effective solution would be to carry out a text campaign internally to ask users to confirm back their name, department and cost centre. This would enable you to update your mobile inventory and the records of your supplier. This coupled with an audit of charges would be able to give you immediate savings of up to 20%.

A recent audit I carried out for a customer involved sending a series of text messages asking users to advise their details. The text replies are automatically uploaded onto a spreadsheet which provided a very quick and easy way for the customer to cancel unused handsets and correct the billing information on all their handsets.  This is an incredibly cost effective and successful solution which can be carried out at any stage within your contract term, but is most useful as you approach the last six months of your existing contract term.

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