Case Study – Crop Production Specialists

Customer Background

The customer are a leading national agricultural and horticultural input advice and supply company, employing in excess of 350 staff. More than half of their staff are directly involved with customer service and agronomic relationships, based all over the UK.

The nature of their business means that the majority of their mobile users spend a high percentage of their time in rural areas, therefore coverage was uppermost on their list of priorities. In addition, as their business is focused around crops, their peak period varied depending on the weather and therefore they needed a tariff which was flexible and took into account their peak and off peak profile

Their Challenge

The customer had a base with a 60/40% split of their mobiles on two different networks. They had bundled tariffs with both providers, but due to the changeability of their peak and off peak periods, they were either considerably exceeding their bundle or going well below it, which meant their bills were higher than they should have been.  They had received a total lack of account management from both providers. They also had the added challenge that both contracts did not end at the same time. They were experiencing a number of issues with both suppliers and were becoming increasing frustrated with the billing errors and issues they were experiencing and the amount of time this was taking them to resolve.

Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were initially engaged to undertake a Baseline Audit to help them get to the bottom of the issues they were experiencing and to help them understand where they were with both of their contracts. The result of this engagement provided them with a report to give them a snap shot of where they were against each contract and an outline of recommended actions to take to bring both contracts back on track. There were billing errors and a lack of proactive account management which had resulted in bundles not being sufficient for the amount of traffic being generated, which resulted in considerable out of bundle charges.

Following the successful Baseline Audit and the value that provided, Flare Telecom was further engaged to run their mobile RFP with the RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service.

The Solution and Results

Due to the fact that the customer had two separate contracts, one with a further 12 months to run.  Following the initial RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service, the recommendation from Flare Telecom was to renew the percentage of the base which was out of commitment for a further twelve months and enjoy a saving on charges and then to rerun the RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service again at that point when both contracts were in unison.

Flare Telecom was engaged again to run their second RFP and at that point a preferred provider was selected. This resulted in a tariff that was both competitive, offered considerable savings and was able to cater for the significant changes in usage throughout the calendar year.


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