Case Study – A Law Firm

Customer Background

The law firm had over 500 lawyers and support staff (including over 85 partners) working from 6 offices across the UK.

They had changed suppliers a couple of times over the last 5 years, continually striving to achieve a good service including competitive tariffs and solutions for their lawyers.


Their Challenge

Their existing contract was up for renewal and their incumbent supplier had included a proposal for a device management solution, as part of the renewal proposal.

They were very busy at that point, working on a number of other key projects, which meant they did not want to take the time to go out to full RFP at that time. However, they wanted to be confident that the renewal offer they had received was indeed as competitive as possible.


Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were engaged to undertake a Benchmarking service to advise them whether their renewal proposal was competitive enough to sign.

During the Benchmarking exercise Flare Telecom Ltd identified some abnormalities within the existing billing. Flare Telecom then carried out a Baseline Audit to investigate further and identify the abnormalities.


The Solution and Results

Firstly following the Benchmarking Flare Telecom advised that additional savings could definitely be achieved and advised the expected savings. As part of that Flare Telecom also advised that the Device Management Solution being offered was very expensive and did not represent good value for money.  Flare Telecom were then engaged to act on their behalf to negotiate preferential rates with their incumbent supplier to achieve the increased savings, as they did not want to take the time to port to a new provider.

The results of the Baseline Audit identified that their previous contract had not been implemented correctly and therefore a considerable credit was due to them. Flare Telecom worked directly with the incumbent provider to demonstrate the incorrect billing and negotiate the credit refund, through to successful receipt by the customer.


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