Kings College London – Case Study

Customer Background

Kings College London is one of the World’s top 20 Universities and one of the World’s top teaching and research Universities. It is a multi-faculty, research led institution with some 7,000 staff and a turnover in excess of £600M.

Their Challenge

Kings College London had their mobiles split across two network providers and suppliers. 95% of their remote workers were BlackBerry users. They wanted to move away from BlackBerry to a solution that complimented their wider IT Strategy and would help the University make the most out of Office 365.

From an administrative perspective they had billing issues with both their providers and their existing internal processes were no longer sufficient and resulting in lots of internal administration to keep on top of their inventory.

Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were initially engaged to carry out their Baseline Audit service to enable them to fully understand what they had and in additional provide them with recommendations for their future strategy. Following the successful Baseline Audit, Flare Telecom were further engaged on a longer term project to design, write and roll out their new Mobile Strategy. Flare Telecom were also employed to deal directly with their incumbent providers to resolve their billing issues. Part of the project included Flare Telecom reviewing their mobile contracts with a view to consolidating with a single supplier and choosing a preferred standard device with the RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service.

The Solution and Results

Following the Baseline Audit, it was identified that they had devices not being used which no one had reported or cancelled and therefore as part of the overall Project for putting together a new strategy including internal processes, Flare Telecom put together a Project Plan to manage and deliver the new strategy. This included:

  • An internal Audit/Housekeeping exercise to identify all devices and update users and cost centres. This included cancelling all the mobiles that were no longer being used, which resulted in immediate savings.
  • Drafting a new Mobile Policy working directly with their CIO.
  • Engaging with internal stakeholders to get the new Policy approved and to draft new internal policies. The objective of which was to reduce internal administration and keep control of their expenditure and mobile inventory.
  • Using the PSN Framework to review suppliers and award a new contract to meet the growing needs of the University.
  • Trialling and selecting the new preferred device as Kings wanted to standardise as much as possible on a single device.

Following the above, the next stage was the roll-out of the new Strategy and new devices and the porting of all users to a single new supplier. This included the following:

  • Communication Plan for the new Strategy and engagement required from the business.
  • Porting Project Management – As there were new devices being rolled out as well as porting to a new provider, a series of Porting Clinics were set up on a number of the key Kings sites where users were invited to attend, collect their new phone and new sim. As the chosen device was the Microsoft Nokia Lumia, Flare Telecom engaged Microsoft to attend the Clinics and provide users with training on their new devices. IT had already set up the devices ahead of the clinics.
  • New procedures had been put in place as part of the strategy and these were communicated to all departments.
  • Key contacts within Departments were provided training on the new suppliers on line billing portal to enable them to view their invoices each month.

The project proved very successful and achieved considerable savings for Kings and improved functionality for users with their new smartphones and the ability to access their Office 365 with ease remotely.


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