Case Study – Property & Construction Consultants

Customer Background

The customer is a multi-discipline property and construction consultancy operating across a wide spectrum of sectors. They employ in excess of 450 staff across 10 different offices.


Their Challenge

The customer had been with both their existing mobile and fixed line providers for a number of years. During this period their mobile Account Manager had changed several times which meant that they had not received any proactive account management.

They had an onsite coverage scheme in place with their incumbent mobile provider, which was required due to the construction of their building. Their tech fund had been depleted and many users were still requesting to upgrade their BlackBerry devices and move to iPhones. Therefore, they needed to go to market to review both their fixed and mobile contracts with a view to potentially combining both with a single provider.

Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were engaged to run their mobile RFP with the RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service.


The Solution and Results

The RFP process was successful resulting in reduced charges on their fixed estate and a new tariff providing considerable savings for the mobiles combined with a refreshed tech fund to enable the balance of BlackBerry users to upgrade to iPhones. The customers’ IT department found IOS much easier to deploy and support and the end users were very happy as they were able to view attachments and browse so much quicker. Interestingly on this occasion it did not prove beneficial to the customer to combine their fixed and mobile contracts with the same provider.


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