Case Study – Real Estate Management

Customer Background

The customer is a Real Estate Management company managing a number of retail outlets in the UK and across Europe. They employ over 900 staff.

Due to nature of their business they had a large roaming spend


Their Challenge

The customer had been with their existing provider for a number of years. During this period the Account Manager had changed frequently and the level of service had deteriorated significantly, to the point where they were very unhappy.

Their contract was approaching its renewal date and they had a number of billing issues which had never been resolved, despite numerous meetings with the various Account Managers.

Their main objective was to reduce their roaming spend.


Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were initially engaged to undertake a Baseline Audit to enable them to have a clear and up to date view of their mobile inventory and call profile.

Following the successful Baseline Audit and the value that provided, Flare Telecom was further engaged to run their mobile RFP with the RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service.

The Solution and Results

During the Baseline Audit, Flare Telecom identified that the contracted terms of the customers’ existing contract, signed 24 months ago and up for renewal, had not actually been implemented correctly. This meant that the customer had not enjoyed the savings on the previous contract that they had been promised. This came as a surprise to the customer, who were very pleased with the discovery. They subsequently employed Flare Telecom to work directly on their behalf to negotiate the refund due from their incumbent provider.  This resulted in a considerable refund/credit returned to the customer.

Following this successful piece of work, Flare Telecom were engaged to carry out their contract renewal using Flare Telecom’s RFP/RFI Management and Contract Service.

The results of the RFP/RFI included a considerable saving on their mobile contract, including a bespoke roaming package to reduce these charges, which were a priority.


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