Strutt & Parker – Case Study

Customer Background

Strutt & Parker is an independent UK property partnership with a network of offices throughout England and Scotland, including prime Central London. They have 49 offices and employ in excess of 800 staff.

Other specialisms within Strutt & Parker include commercial property, land management, farming, development, planning, leisure and hotels, building surveying and sporting. They also manage 2 million acres of land across the UK and act for 600 clients across 450 estates.


Their Challenge

With the nature of Strutt & Parker’s business, the majority of staff have mobiles and due to the top end caliber of properties and estates they manage and market, their staff travel extensively and often to the remotest of areas within the UK.  Therefore mobility is key to their business. Their users were all originally BlackBerry users but they found a growing need for a better experience both with attachment handling and browsing. Therefore, they made the decision to change operating platform and their choice of device. At the same time they rolled out an MDM solution for security and to enable them to manage their devices remotely.

They had to put their roll-out project on hold half way through as they received a considerable number of complaints from staff around both the usability of their new devices and the coverage performance, which they felt was impacting their business on a day to day basis.

Strutt & Parker took all the logical steps to try and identify the problem. They engaged their incumbent provider and the network provider to try and understand why they were experiencing these issues and how to resolve them. After months of meetings, the complaints were still coming in with no resolution in sight. Strutt & Parker decided they needed an independent assessment of their situation.


Service from Flare Telecom Ltd

Flare Telecom were engaged to undertake a full assessment of their situation with a view to putting forward a plan to resolve their issues.

Flare Telecom recommended surveying a sample 40% of their users to understand their issues in more detail and to create a control group. Flare Telecom put together a bespoke questionnaire and carried out telephone interviews with the sample users. This information was then consolidated to identify trends in the issues reported. Based on the information analysed, Flare put together an action plan to identify what was causing the problem out of the three key factors, their MDM solution, the device or the Network.

After presentation of the action plan to Strutt & Parker’s board, Flare set the plan in motion, segmented the control group into sub groups and carried out a number of different trials within each sub group, including trialing an alternative device.

After two weeks of the relevant trials, further telephone interviews took place to collate the feedback. This feedback was again analysed, results and recommendations were then presented back to Strutt & Parker.


The Solution and Results

The project put together and carried out by Flare Telecom was very successful. The results of the various trials did identify the issue and enabled a solution to be found.

Before full roll-out of the solution, Flare Telecom recommended that the same questionnaire and trials be carried out across a much wider section of the user base.  This was agreed by Strutt & Parker. It was important also to capture the feedback and issues from the wider group in the same way as the control group.  Due to the large number of users, Flare Telecom designed and managed an on-line survey to those users and collated the results. From these results sub groups were again set up for the selection of trials.

The results were the same which confirmed the proposed solution would resolve their issues.

Strutt & Parker were very pleased with the results achieved by Flare Telecom, both the methodology of approach, project management and successful outcome. Check out the testimonial on my linked in page from their Group Financial Director.

This resulted in great feedback from their end users and more importantly a huge reduction in dropped calls which their Partners and Estate Agents believed was having a significant impact on their business.


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