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EE must be very pleased with the latest news articles quoting them as dominating mobile network performance tests with both Ofcom and RootMetrics.

This combined with the recent approval by the Competition & Markets Authority for the £12.5 billion buyout by BT, has given them plenty of press exposure. EE is the largest mobile network in the UK with 28 million customers and a 33.8% control of the UK mobile sector.  BT is the largest Service provider in the UK, now with the ability to deliver a fully functional ‘quad-play’ service.

Ofcom, the Telecom Regulator, has assessed all UK networks for download and upload speeds between November and December last year, across five UK cities; Cardiff, Edinburgh, London, Liverpool and Norwich. EE was reported as having the fastest network for download and upload speeds in mobile broadband and voice performance tests. It assessed their performance on download, upload and web-browsing speeds, alongside video streaming quality and success rates for calling.

EE achieved the fastest average 4G download speeds of 20Mb per second. Three (15Mb per second), Vodafone (12Mb) and O2 (10Mb) followed. Upload speeds were also fastest on EE. The tests found speeds averaged 20Mb per second, followed by Three (12Mb) alongside Vodafone and O2 (10Mb).

RootMetrics is an independent mobile analytics firm, offering scientific insights into how users experience mobile performance. Following studies carried out during the last quarter of 2015, EE won six Rootscore awards for Overall Performance, Network Speed, Mobile Internet, Call, and Text, with Three were named as most reliable.

“EE continues to provide the best mobile performance across the UK, but we’re seeing some of the other operators making good improvements across all the different ways we use our mobile phones,” said RootMetrics GM of Europe Scott Stonham.

O2 saw its performance improve across calls, texts and internet speed, as a runner-up for text, and third place speed, both at the expense of Three. However, it was still ranked last out of all the networks.

Vodafone was named runner-up for network speed for the second consecutive testing, and was ranked third for overall performance.

Overall, RootMetrics took 874,586 samples and covered nearly 24,000 miles across the UK during its latest round of testing.

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Network performance is only one element to consider when reviewing your mobile provider. Service, value added services and flexibility of tariffing is also key. As competition continues to increase within the Mobile Industry, if you have been with the same provider for a number of years, now would be a good time to carry out a full review. As one of the fastest moving industries, how can you be confident you are negotiating the best terms?

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