What is an Implementation Audit?
A high degree of billing errors are caused by incorrect implementation of new Telecom contracts. An implementation audit can be conducted either at 1st or 3rd bill to ensure that the billing matches the negotiated contract.

In addition the audit will check investment funds are set up correctly and that online management portals are configured in line with requirements.

The Service

A one off short term engagement that consists of a full check of billed rates verses the contract and RFP documents. The service can also use the first 3 bills to predict contract savings verses RFP projections.

The Benefit to your business
Your business will benefit in three ways from the audit.

  1. Ensuring your new Telecom contract is delivering in line with the assumptions of savings from the RFP and that equipment funds have been correctly allocated.
  2. Potential to reclaim credits from incorrectly implemented rates and bundles.
  3. Smoother ongoing management of your telecom estate by ensuring vendor portals are correctly set up and used by internal administrators.


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