What is the Inventory & Asset Management Service?
Inventory & Asset Management allows all of your fixed and mobile inventory to be stored in one centralised database.

It enables clear visibility and management of your telecoms services, leading to control over spend, streamlined business processes and significant time and resource saving.

The Service
Fixed and Mobile inventories are ever changing. 90% of organisations do not hold an up to date list of their mobile users or fixed line estate and therefore spend unnecessary money on nil usage lines and devices. As companies grow and departments expand; moves, changes and leavers take place. If robust internal processes are not in place to capture this information and necessary actions taken, it is not very long before your inventory is out of date and costing you unnecessary money.

Flare Telecom offer a service to audit your existing estate and put an up to inventory together.

The Benefit to your business

Asset Management is key to effective communication management throughout your business. It ensures that you pay only for what you use, sheds light on under and non-utilised services and validates assets against invoices and contracts.

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