What is Audit and Optimisation?

A Telecom audit is a comprehensive review of your Mobile Voice and Data expenditure against your contracted rates. Recommendations will be made In order that your business can realise short term cost savings through inaccuracies / inefficiencies and provide greater clarity over current spend.

The Service

A one off short term engagement that consists of multiple checks across service types, to ensure that your business’s current billing and usage profiles match your contract terms.

The Benefit to your business
A thorough Audit will highlight cost savings from one-time repayments for supplier mis-billing through to on-going savings resulting from tariff and contract optimisation.

Examples of savings opportunities are:-

  • Unoptimised data bundles resulting in high out of bundle charges
  • Identifying nil usage on both Voice and Data devices
  • Reviewing features being billed for but not used e.g. MDM, BlackBerry SOCs
  • Reclaiming credits for incorrect billing verses contract


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