What is the Mobile Policy Service?
Many companies have grown their base of mobiles without having a strategy in place and driven by end-user demands and ever growing expectations. This can result in a high volume of devices and operating platforms to manage and support. IT Departments are under growing pressure to support a plethora of different devices and applications.

In addition, departments with no clear guidance will spend far more than they need to on both devices and ongoing charges due to limited processes in place to monitor usage.

The Service
Flare Telecom can assist organisations with their mobile policy by recommending, writing and communicating the new policy.

This can include agreeing internal processes to ensure all important areas of the policy are covered and internal Departments are bought into the new policy and the benefits it can bring to your business.

The Benefit to your business

An organisation with a considered and well written mobile policy will be in a much better position to protect themselves against security threats, control their costs and meet the ever increasing needs of end-users.

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