What is the Porting Project Management Service?

Porting is the process of porting your existing mobile users with their existing mobile numbers from your current network provider to your new chosen provider. The Porting Project Management service co-ordinates this process on your behalf. This can be offered as a standalone service or as an additional component following the completion and management of your RFI/RFP process.

The Service
The Porting Project Management Service is split into three parts and customers may select the elements they need to support their internal teams for a successful roll-out.

Part One

The service starts with the writing of a project plan detailing all the steps that will be required to successfully port your users from one network to another. The plan will include timescales agreed and these will depend on successfully receiving your PAC code and importantly a communication plan with your users.

Customer data is key to a successful port, knowing which users have which mobiles and where they are located. Flare Telecom can assist to update your inventory on your behalf if required, by using an email survey format or text campaign to seek confirmation of user details and IMEI confirmation which is essential if unlock codes are to be requested.

Flare Telecom can also assist by drafting your internal communication plan, which may include the drafting of new Mobile Policy documents and procedures for both users and administrative staff to ensure the ongoing smooth management of your mobiles.

Up to date user information will also be key in order to set up your billing correctly from the start.

Part Two

The depth of the project plan will depend on whether you intend to upgrade your existing handsets at the point you port to a new network or whether you port with existing handsets and upgrade as/when required throughout the contract. Either way, porting dates need to be agreed for all of your users or made as porting across a number of days across various sites.

If users are receiving new equipment as part of the port, locations will need to be ascertained for collection of new equipment or delivery addresses for the end user will be required.  If users are retaining existing equipment, unlock codes will need to be requested where required and supplied to the end users ahead of the port date. Communication to your end users will be key to a successful port and this can be written and handled by Flare Telecom on your behalf.

Part Three

The format of your billing will need to be agreed at the outset and new accounts set up with cost centres or purchase orders as is required to satisfy your Accounts Payable department. It is very important that all the billing is correct at the outset otherwise it can take months to put right later. Access to on line billing portals for key personnel will need to be set up, including training where necessary. Key contacts from both the network and customer site have been introduced and agreed how the account will be managed going forward.

The Benefit to your business
The Network Providers are starting to charge for their Porting Project Management but their service is very one sided, and focuses on the requirements from a network perspective i.e. user names, mobile numbers and data of port. They are always keen to move users as quickly as possible to enable them to start billing. However, Flare Telecom focus on the project from the customers’ perspective and the focus will be on your users, departments and internal processes to ensure that the experience is as smooth and accurate as possible.

This can be quite time consuming for organisations, so to be able to outsource this to an external “expert” who can focus and dedicate 100% of their time to this project will provide savings both in terms of time and bottom line costs due to the ability to be able to move to the newly negotiated terms much quicker, whilst leaving your team free to focus on other important aspects of their day to day role.

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