What is RFP/RFI Management & Contract Service?

RFP/RFI Management & Contract Service is a flexible managed service that can provide either full end to end management of the complete sourcing process from RFP/RFI to Contract or provide individual standalone components to support the customer’s in house sourcing team.

The Service
The overall service is made up of the following modular components which can be deployed individually or as a complete managed service.

  • Creation of current contract summary
  • Baseline Audit of Tariffs & Inventory
  • Interview customer key contact(s) to identify requirements
  • Comparative market comparison – Benchmarking
  • T&C requirements
  • Development of RFP/RFI documentation
  • RFP/RFI Issue/ Track / Compile vendor responses
  • Produce documentation showing comparative rate analysis and comparison of vendors key benefits and terms
  • Organise vendor shortlisting, presentations and recommendations for contract award
  • Negotiate contract with chosen vendor(s) and reconcile contract to RFP benefits.
  • Manage port / transfer to new contract process.
  • First bill analysis to compare actual rates and terms verses contract.
  • Creation of summary document showing negotiated rates and terms.
The Benefit to your business
Technology, terms and rates within the Telecom market are highly changeable. The benefits of employing Flare Telecom are twofold.  Firstly you will be engaging a Telecoms expert with 26 years who is involved in negotiating Telecom contracts on a day to day basis and not every two or three years.

Secondly, Flare Telecom is confident that with its deep and wide access to industry data they can negotiate rates and T&Cs that will be more advantageous to the customer than terms they could negotiate on a standalone basis.

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