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Mobile Audit and Optimisation

mobile-optimisation-teaserA Telecom audit is a comprehensive review of your Mobile Voice and Data expenditure against your contracted rates. Recommendations will be made In order that your business can realise short term cost savings through inaccuracies / inefficiencies and provide greater clarity over current spend.

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Baseline Audit

baseline-audit-teaserA Baseline Audit  will give a fast yet comprehensive insight of existing Telecom spend and inventory that can then be used to provide accurate data for RFP (Request for Proposal)  processes or to correctly support ROI (return on Investment) assumptions for new technology transformations

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RFP/RFI Management & Contract Service

rfp-teaserRFP/RFI Management & Contract Service is a flexible managed service that can provide either full end to end management of the complete sourcing process from RFP/RFI to Contract or provide individual standalone components to support the customer’s in house sourcing team.

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Porting Project Management

porting-teaserPorting is the process of porting your existing mobile users with their existing mobile numbers from your current network provider to your new chosen provider. The Porting Project Management service co-ordinates this process on your behalf. This can be offered as a standalone service or as an additional component following the completion and management of your RFI/RFP process.

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Implementation Audit

implementation-audit-teaserA high degree of billing errors are caused by incorrect implementation of new Telecom contracts. An implementation audit can be conducted either at 1st or 3rd bill to ensure that the billing matches the negotiated contract.

In addition the audit will check investment funds are set up correctly and that online management portals are configured in line with requirements.

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benchmarking-teaserBenchmarking is a short term engagement which provides insight into your telecom contracts compared with what is available in the market place now, using up to date knowledge of competitive data. It can be carried out at several points within the life cycle of your existing contract.

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Inventory & Asset Management

asset-management-teaserInventory & Asset Management allows all of your fixed and mobile inventory to be stored in one centralised database.

It enables clear visibility and management of your telecoms services, leading to control over spend, streamlined business processes and significant time and resource saving.

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In-Life Contract Monitoring

contract-monitor-teaserThis service is an ongoing managed service which reviews and tracks your mobile expenditure on a monthly basis. It is an invaluable and very affordable service as it delivers relevant tailored “watch-out” reports.

Companies always plan to review their expenditure but rarely do more than a quick scan of their summary bill each month. This is due to the enormity of the data that is available on the Networks On-Line Portals and the lack of time and knowledge to assemble this data into something meaningful.

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Mobile Policy

mobile-policy-teaserMany companies have grown their base of mobiles without having a strategy in place and driven by end-user demands and ever growing expectations. This can result in a high volume of devices and operating platforms to manage and support. IT Departments are under growing pressure to support a plethora of different devices and applications.

In addition, departments with no clear guidance will spend far more than they need to on both devices and ongoing charges due to limited processes in place to monitor usage.

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Mobile Device Management (MDM)

mdm-teaserMobile Device Management is the ability to secure, monitor, manage and support employees’ mobile devices that are often deployed across multiple mobile service providers and across multiple mobile operating systems.

Typically this involves remote distribution of applications, data and configuration settings for all types of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and notebook computers.

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BYOD is the practice of allowing the employees of an organisation to use their own computers, smartphones, or other devices to handle company data. BYOD has become quite popular as companies have realised the cost savings of allowing employees to use personal devices for work.

In contrast, a CYOD approach requires employees to choose from a limited range of devices. For example, a company may allow employees to use Windows devices, iPhones or other Apple devices – but not Androids. A company also may limit device usage to work activities.

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What our clients say

I appointed Jacqueline for a specific project to investigate problems we were having with new Samsung smartphones we had recently issued to most of our staff. Staff were experiencing a whole host of issues, from dropped calls, lack of signal, e-mails not synching automatically, and short battery life. Our existing consultants spent weeks investigating the likely clauses but the results were inconclusive. At this stage we brought in Jacqueline to start the investigation from scratch. She immediately set to work following a detailed and logical step by step process that included a review of the mobile provider, the equipment and the security software that overlaid all our phones, and a telephone survey of 10% of all our users. Her painstaking and methodical approach quickly identified that the phone lay at the heart of the problem. A trial followed of different phones, some of which were sourced for free as a result of her close contacts with Microsoft. The result was that we have now issued all our staff that had problems with new Nokia Lumias, as recommended by Jacqueline, and the vast majority of our users are very pleased with the outcome. Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with and I was very impressed by her professionalism and dedication to getting the job done. I will have no hesitation in using Jacqueline's services in future and in recommending her to others.

Sanjay Patel
Group Finance Director at Strutt & Parker

We have found Jacqueline to be very professional, trustworthy and a top consultant in the mobile telephony space. We have really enjoyed working with her.

Food Manufacturer
Commercial Manager

We are very pleased with the outcome achieved for the business on these contracts and although at the start of the process I was hoping that we might end up consolidating our network suppliers, the fact that we have ended up with three rather than two still feels like progress in terms of coverage and price.

Thank you for the part that you have played in this process. I know that both my colleagues and I have appreciated the work that you have done for us. It would have meant an lot more work for us without your contribution. Thanks again for your hard work on our behalf on this project. 

Engineering Company
Financial Director

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