They had changed suppliers a couple of times over the last 5 years, continually striving to achieve a good service including competitive tariffs and solutions for their lawyers.
Their users were all originally BlackBerry users but they found a growing need for a better experience both with attachment handling and browsing. Therefore, they made the decision to change operating platform and their choice of device. At the same time they rolled out an MDM solution for security and to enable them to manage their devices remotely.
Their contract was approaching its renewal date and they had a number of billing issues which had never been resolved, despite numerous meetings with the various Account Managers.  Their main objective was to reduce their roaming spend.  
Kings College London had their mobiles split across two network providers and suppliers. 95% of their remote workers were BlackBerry users. They wanted to move away from BlackBerry to a solution that complimented their wider IT Strategy and would help the University make the most out of Office 365.

I appointed Jacqueline for a specific project to investigate problems we were having with new Samsung smartphones we had recently issued to most of our staff. Staff were experiencing a whole host of issues, from dropped calls, lack of signal, e-mails not synching automatically, and short battery life. Our existing consultants spent weeks investigating the likely clauses but the results were inconclusive. At this stage we brought in Jacqueline to start the investigation from scratch. She immediately set to work following a detailed and logical step by step process that included a review of the mobile provider, the equipment and the security software that overlaid all our phones, and a telephone survey of 10% of all our users. Her painstaking and methodical approach quickly identified that the phone lay at the heart of the problem. A trial followed of different phones, some of which were sourced for free as a result of her close contacts with Microsoft. The result was that we have now issued all our staff that had problems with new Nokia Lumias, as recommended by Jacqueline, and the vast majority of our users are very pleased with the outcome. Jacqueline was a pleasure to work with and I was very impressed by her professionalism and dedication to getting the job done. I will have no hesitation in using Jacqueline's services in future and in recommending her to others.

Sanjay Patel
Group Finance Director at Strutt & Parker

We have found Jacqueline to be very professional, trustworthy and a top consultant in the mobile telephony space. We have really enjoyed working with her.

Food Manufacturer
Commercial Manager

We are very pleased with the outcome achieved for the business on these contracts and although at the start of the process I was hoping that we might end up consolidating our network suppliers, the fact that we have ended up with three rather than two still feels like progress in terms of coverage and price.

Thank you for the part that you have played in this process. I know that both my colleagues and I have appreciated the work that you have done for us. It would have meant an lot more work for us without your contribution. Thanks again for your hard work on our behalf on this project. 

Engineering Company
Financial Director
Acorn Engineering Group had a single provider for both their fixed and mobile. They were very unhappy with their existing supplier and had major billing issues on both their fixed and their mobiles, which after many months of meetings with their supplier, had not been resolved.
The customer had a base with a 60/40% split of their mobiles on two different networks. They had bundled tariffs with both providers, but due to the changeability of their peak and off peak periods, they were either considerably exceeding their bundle or going well below it, which meant their bills were higher than they should have been.
Agricultural Business
Financial Director
The customer had been with both their existing mobile and fixed line providers for a number of years. During this period their mobile Account Manager had changed several times which meant that they had not received any proactive account management.

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